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Data Driven Cartography

Born out of a love for maps, cartography and data analytics, World Map is a comprehensive suite for visualizing geographic data.

This platform can render nearly any type of dataset from global scope to regional and even multiple levels of subdivisions within the country if necessary.

In addition to having over a dozen different map projections World Map can also render topographic, bathymetric and LIDAR maps.

Once you figured out what kind of map you want to make next you can add pins, arcs, bubbles, lines and data as needed. Our data maps can render both static and time series geographic data which can be exported as high resolution image or gif files for reports.

If you do not want to make the maps yourself we also offer a monthly subscription service which grants you access to our bank of pre-built maps.

You also get access to the map builder to automatically create beautiful data driven maps with an easy to use graphic interface as well as the data explorer to download world datasets.

World Map
Tons of Features and Functions
Map Layers

Add bubbles, pins, arcs, lines and colors to your map to visualize your geographic data any way that you need to. When you are done simply export the map as a image or pdf document file for outside use.

Our platform is also equipped to handle time series data which means you can visualize how changes over time which can be exportable as a GIF or movie file.

Time Series Chart
Map Arcs


Map Bubbles


Map Pins


Map Lines


Map Data


Map Time Series

Time Series

Fully Customizable

Change the colors and add whatever data you need to your map to visualize your data exactly how you need to. Our original driving goal was to create a visualization platform for all manner of geographic data and due to this World Map accepts many different forms of data inputs. You can upload a spreadsheet, connect a database, or enter it manually and let our software do the rest.











Map Features
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Map Locations
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Our platform is loaded with maps for every single country along with their subdivisions. In addition, where available multiple levels of subdivisions can be generated. For example both state and county level maps are available for the United States. We also have a large database of cities and other geographic places of interest for use.

Map Colors
Subscription Packages
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Globe Single Country Maps & Charts
Map Builder Map Builder
Data Explorer Data Explorer
Compare Comparison Maps & Charts
Image High-Res Graph Images
PDF PDF Reports
Spreadsheet Spreadsheet Downloads
Market Premium Market Data
Time Series Historical Data (10+ years)
Map Source Code Source Code Templates
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